Finding complex solutions to complex problems, everyone finds. Our goal is to bring simple solutions to complex problems.

We meet the particular needs of each client with the development of customized solutions for the most varied types of business. We use our own methodology, combined with the most modern technologies, in the construction and management of projects, whether they are new applications, changes to legacy systems, customization or adaptations. All within the best time frame and with quality of delivery.

We have professionals with adequate technical training to give the support that your company needs, with service conditions with coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team will be responsible for maintaining the legacy or third-party systems you already use, monitoring the operation of the software and making the necessary improvements.

We develop projects of migration and conversion of technology and applications to employ the best and most modern practices in the market. Our success cases show that we take updating and evolution to the business of our clients, in order to provide return on investment with the maximization of results.

We have outsourcing services that range from support activities to support and maintenance of solutions. We operate with methodologies, tools and resources of the highest level, aiming to provide maximum convergence with the client and delivery of the most qualified professional to meet the demand of each project

With operations in different areas of IT, our consulting services extend from the diagnosis of actions to optimize the environment to the analysis of infrastructure and applications, decision support for changes, updating and survey of more modern technologies, requalification of teams, systems integration projects, among others.


The ERP Plenum business management system has several integrated modules that serve different market segments (industry, distribution, services, etc.) with the use of web interface and high-tech resources, with ample flexibility of configuration and customization.

The solutions of the DFe PLENUM line contemplate the implementation of the new models of electronic fiscal documents established by the SPED project, automating the generation, signature, authorization and validation of electronic invoices with the responsible agencies, to ensure the legality of the operations carried out.

Our solution allows the implementation of the current NFS-e models, meeting all the requirements regarding the issuance and storage of Electronic Services Invoices, for legalization and compliance with the ancillary obligations of government agencies.

The ProNF Estadual solution automates and manages the processing of tax coupon files in compliance with tax citizenship incentive programs created by state governments, among which we can highlight the Nota Fiscal Paulista program, created by the Government of the State of São Paulo.

We have solutions designed to monitor critical integration environments to ensure that all systems are connected and fully operational. Our technology also has customized features to generate alerts and send messages in real time, so that the support team is warned if a failure occurs.

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Therefore, simplifying problems, eliminating waste and optimizing resources to obtain better results are our values! Let's talk?

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