We are a genuinely Brazilian technology company with more than 15 years of history

We act as a transforming agent in the life of organizations. We believe that the value of our company comes from innovation in technology and thinking

Our mission sounds simple, but it's super challenging: to bring people and ideas together to innovate, transform, and impact. It is in this spirit that we bring to the world digital solutions for various types of companies, in the most varied segments, such as health, retail, industry, services and others.

We have more than 1,000 projects delivered and more than 100 clients served in Brazil and Latin America.

Our team is qualified, multidisciplinary and agile, able to provide effective solutions for systems integration, strategic interoperability, application development, outsourcing, support and consulting services in information technology.

We want to simplify the lives of companies and people through our technological experience added to the ability to deliver projects that generate results.


This is our innovatium way of being


To unite people and ideas to innovate, transform and impact.


To be a reference in the technology market, acting directly as a transforming and innovative agent. No matter where, when, and who... If Innovatium is part of any business or project, it will have as its banner the TRANSFORMATION.


Trust is our strength: Creating real relationships between companies and people is essential to establishing commitment and integrity in business.

Co-creation that inspires: We all have complementary skills and experiences that strengthen us, regardless of diversity.

Unity is in our DNA: Bringing people together for a common goal inspires us, so we stimulate collective thinking for new insights.

Be simple and functional: We must simplify problems, eliminate waste and optimize resources for better results. 

Excellence at all times: We value effective technological solutions and want to be recognized for the quality of the projects developed.


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